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by Motown recording artist John Valenti!

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Using state-of-the-art Kodak, Nikon and Canon scanning equipment and software, Hollywood Photo Scanning digitally archives your photo collection at extremely low prices. We offer free local pickup and delivery on orders of 1,000 photos or more, or free shipping both ways. We scan all of your photos to JPG or TIFF files, and return them to you with a beautiful Photo DVD or USB Flash Drive. We even offer the ability to download all of your images securely from our web server as soon as they are scanned and processed. Photo air dusting, image rotation and cropping are included free of charge with all orders. We also offer color correction, brightness/contrast correction and sharpening, giving your prints that extra professional look. The exact organization and sequence of your physical photo collection is maintained and reproduced in your new digital photo collection.

We scan your prints and film at very high resolutions for optimum reprinting capabilities and superior archival-grade backup of your most cherished memories. We also include free web resolution versions of your photos for loading on your phone or tablet, emailing to friends and sharing on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Looking for a great gift? We can scan load your photos onto a digital picture frame or iPad so everyone can enjoy your beautiful memories from the home or office. We also offer gift certificates for that special someone carrying shoeboxes full of photographs.

We scan every size and type of film available, as well as all sizes of prints, from wallet size to posters as large as 11"x17". We also provide photo restoration.

If you are not satisfied for any reason with our service, we will gladly offer a full refund, no questions asked. Doing photo scanning yourself can be time consuming. And having your photos scanned professionally doesn't have to be expensive. We have fantastic rates. Call us today for unbeatable pricing. We are sure you'll be blown away by our fast and easy service.

Hours: Open Daily (11am - 9pm)
If you reach our voicemail, our team is probably out on deliveries.
Please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as we return to the office.
Free Pickup and Delivery within Greater Los Angeles/SFV for orders of 1,000 or more photos.
(888) 4 DIGPIX - (888) 434-4749 - Call Today!

Photo Prices:
Prints 600DPI (Wallet size to 8.5"x11") - 60 cents per photo
Prints 300DPI (Wallet size to 8.5"x11") - 50 cents per photo
Prints 300DPI (8.5"x"11" to 11"x17") - $2.99 per photo
35mm Negatives 3000DPI - 80 cents per photo
35mm Slides 3000DPI - 80 cents per photo
MF Film 2000DPI (Film smaller than 4"x5") - $2.99 per photo
LF Film 1200DPI (Film 4"x5" and larger) - $3.99 per photo
Photo Albums - Removal & Reinsertion services each cost 15 cents per photo
(All color film prices include infrared dust removal service free of charge)

Photo Enhancements:

By adding photo enhancements to your order, we spend a considerable amount of time working on each photo individually to ensure the colors come out looking great. We remove fading and color casts by applying a wide range of manual image enhancements and color corrections that are applied, as needed to provide the best quality image. The level of detail and life we can bring out in your scans is quite remarkable. The final result is a beautifully revived collection of your memories, like you've never seen them before.

Photo enhancements are priced at just 40 cents per photo. Please feel free to view "before and after" samples of this impressive service, above. We can also e-mail you complimentary enhancements of your own scans, before you decide.

Video Prices:
Video to DVD or Digital Video File - VHS / VHS-C / MiniDV / Hi-8 / 8MM Cassette: $29.95 for the first cassette transferred and $14.95 for each additional cassette that fits onto the same 2 hour DVD
Additional copies of each CD or DVD just $9.95 per disc.
We can also transfer directly to your own hard drive or thumb drive.

We have a $300 minimum charge on all orders.

We also offer photographic restoration services.
In a hurry? We offer rush services to get you on your way fast.

For over eight years at Hollywood Photo Scanning, we have been very proud to provide customers with an unmatched, all-inclusive photo preservation service.

Hollywood Photo Scanning
Located inside of Mail Call
5870 Melrose Ave Suite #3252
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3760
Phone: (888) 434-4749
Fax: (888) 434-4749

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